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Can Azan or Aarti be allowed through loudspeaker ?

Ans. – Restriction  to  the intensity of Sound

Audio and visual are the factors, which can be at the same time enjoyed by someone and can be objected by other one. Now how to determine this? Many people raise a question about Azan whether it should be permitted through loud speaker? Then what about Aarti ? It should also be prevented through loud speaker if Azan is not allowed. There can also be some other noise pollutions like the sounds created by tempos, train, trucks, cars and buses. These are the necessities of day to day life, which can not be banned or restricted. then how shall these factors be decide, what to accept and what not to. So in a circumstances when both factors are right or both are wrong, it’s acceptance can be decided by the majority, which reflects in the form of law. This is why the law allows a certain decibel unit of sound for the certain period or at a certain circumstances. So if Azan is delivered during certain time with certain decibel unit, it can be allowed. If Azan or Aarti break the time limit or limited noise intensity criteria, they can be banned.

A certain circumference can also be determined where such heavy noise pollution is occurring due to some function or occasion. The intensity of noise should not cross that circumference beyond the permissible limit. Thus, If any noise either by truck, tempo or by Aarti or Azan cross the ascertained limit, all such high intensity noises can be restricted according to law.

For example crackers have been prohibited by law from using them on the occasion of Diwali or others due to sound pollution. Though laws can be relaxed for a day or two occasionally keeping the sentiments of it’s citizen or mass in mind.

As per my point of view loud speaker for prayer should totally ban, as people do not put their effort for prayer but enjoy the music during prayer.


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