Women’s era


Toby is a suppressed man in the society. He is not depressed with his condition but then he gets something unusual which changed his life. With it’s help and his efforts he is able to understand the real condition. What will he do for the change is the story.

The city hospital is London’s largest. Made up of glass, concrete and steel, the hospital looks no less than a grand hotel. Inside moaning on a wheel chair in pain is one man. A ward boy pushes his wheelchair towards the operation theatre. It is slightly uphill. With them walks the man’s wife Eileen in a white shirt and black mini skirt, one hand on the wheelchair and the other on the man’s bloated tummy to console him against the unbearable pain. Other patients and relatives sitting on the side benches look at him with pity as they rush past.
Calm down baby. Cool down. We are almost there. Just a little bit more… just a little bit.
Aargh! In your just a bit, I will die. Uffff… God save me! I won’t do it ever again!
Have patience Toby! Look we’ve reached.
Toby let’s out a painful screech. Onlookers stare at him with sympathy. Eileen spots the doctor in front of the O.T.
Doctor! Doctor, patient!
Yes, please come. Put him on a stretcher.
You please wait here.
The ward boy helps Toby onto the stretcher. Two ward boys and a nurse accompany them into the O.T. His moaning can still be heard outside. Eileen waits outside. She is quite troubled, worrisome and uneasy. She paces from the left to right outside the O.T, when her parents walk in.
Where is Toby? Asks her father, his voice betraying his tension.
Toby is inside, I hope everything is fine. Replies Eileen.
Everything is going to be okay dear. It’s the first Time. The first Time is always tough. But I’m sure Toby will manage. You don’t worry.
I hope so, Papa.

Almost an hour later
Congratulations! The father’s delivery went very well. Informs the nurse walking out of the O.T.
Are the baby and daddy both alright?
Both are fine.
Can we see the baby?
Sure. But please go in one by one.
Eileen’s mother goes in first. A baby is lying on a steel tray. Her eyes search the baby’s genitals even before looking at it’s face. She comes and announces happily.
It’s a girl.
Everyone is very happy to hear this.
Eileen’s father goes in next. In the meantime one nurse switched the baby.
His attention also goes on gentile first than face. He came out and announces.
No it’s a boy.
Oooo…. Aaaan! Hearing this their happiness changed into sorrow
What exactly it is? Is it a girl or a boy? Eileen enquires.
I think it’s a boy.
I thought it’s a girl. Said Eileen’s mother.
Did either of you look at the baby’s face? Questions Eileen.
Her parents expression tells her that the answer is no.
It’s okay. What’s wrong with that? Making faces won’t help. What’s the problem with having a boy? He is your child only. Said father.
I know Pa. But if it had been a girl, things would have been so different. Anyways, it is what it is.
Now Eileen walks into the O.T. Meanwhile the nurse walks in with another baby and places it right next to the other. When Eileen walks in she sees two babies not one. She looks at their faces carefully and then looks down. She is relieved; one is a boy and the other a girl.
The nurse declares.
You’ve have twins, a girl and a boy.
Thank you nurse!
Eileen goes out and announces.
We’ve had twins. One girl and one boy.
Great! We are free of all tensions/ worries in one go. The family is complete. Says her father feeling reassured.
Family completes means? Eileen inquires.
Means husband wife and their representatives as girl and boy. This completes the family.
Right then the Doctor comes out.
Doctor! Can we meet the father of the babies? Asks Eileen.
Not right away. Let all the procedures get completed. You can see him in about 2 hours.
After 2 hours the entire family goes in (the ward, where Toby has been shifted), they see twins in the cradle. The family is happy to see the babies. Toby is lying but awake, he also looks happy.


Two days later.
With a bouquet of white and purple lilies in hand, in a black overcoat wearing a skirt-blouse underneath Eileen walks across the hospital into Toby’s room. Toby is sitting on the hospital bed. There is a basket full of fruits on his side table. Eileen’s mom is sitting on one side of the bed, beside Toby. Eileen’s dad plays with the babies in the cradle while talking to Toby.
Was it your decision?
It was our decision. Eileen intervenes and answers her father’s question.
Hi Toby. How are you?
I’m fine. Toby answers happily. The flowers look gorgeous.
Thanks. I’m glad you like them. She places them on his side table and walks over to the babies.
Oooo… loo … loo. How’s my baby doing?
You are just concerned about the babies not me. Teases Toby.
How can I not be concerned about you? Isn’t that what I’ve been doing till now? Taking care of you.
Thank you Toby, for giving me such beautiful children.
Toby smiles. Eileen engages with children again.
Oooo … aaaaaan!
Eileen gives the babies a flying kiss and then interacts with others.
Come on, let’s go. All payments and formalities have been completed.
Alright! I was also feeling bore here. Says Toby pushing his blanket aside.
It’s good that doctor has discharged him just in two days.
Everyone is getting ready to leave. Eileen picks up the babies. She hands one to her mother and the second to her father and starts picks up the rest of their belongings herself.
In no Time the entire family walks out of the hospital with the new born. As soon as they reach the exit an unmanned taxi pulls up in front of them and they all get in. An electronic voice echoed inside.
Good morning. Welcome to Noora’s Taxi.
Please confirm your drop off destination?
It’s Trivoli.
Okay Madam, Thank you.
The doors get locked. The taxi zooms across the criss-cross roads running between tall sky-scrapers. The roads are completely free of pollution due to the use of electronic cars. From in between the fast cars and towering buildings their taxi reaches home.


Eileen and Toby reach home with their baby. Eileen’s parents aren’t with them
A white metallic robot opens the door.
Hi Tim!
Hello Ma’am, Hello Sir.
Both of them enter the house.
Hey Tim! We didn’t get any visitors, did we?
No ma’am.
Tim look, these are the newest additions to our family. Now you will have to take care of them too. Do you like them?
Very cute. Can I hold them?
No, not yet. I need to install the special child care program in your system. Then you shall be able to handle them with care and love.
You have started doing Tim – Tim as soon as we got home. This Tim- Tim- Tim is so bugging.
Get out of here. Go and get something to eat. Says Toby rudely.
Sir please talk to me with some manners.
Eileen frowns at Toby, asking him to behave.
If I tell this moron anything inadvertently, he won’t listen. Mister Tim could you kindly get us some water, please?
Sure sir!
Tim goes to get water. Eileen and Toby take the kids to the bedroom. –x–
Eileen stretches and yawns in the balcony, in a white georgette gown. The entire scenery around her is bathed in warm sunlight. Everywhere you look, there are tall buildings and web like roads connecting them? If it weren’t for the hustle and bustle of zooming cars on the cross roads, these glass tomb like sky scrapers would appear almost dead, as the inhabitants always stay behind closed doors. All animals have vanished from the city. No pigs, no cows, no other animals can be seen. There is very less greenery.
Most of the apartments are covered half in solar panels and the other half in colourful mirrors (pane). All buildings have an umbrella like structure on top which protects them from rains and snow and the solar panels suck in the sun’s energy. These huge buildings covered in solar panels use solar power for energy. The energy sucked in is used for human’s many needs. These buildings are completely powered by solar energy. Everything runs on electricity and man is totally dependent on artificial things.
Tim enters from behind, with hot tea and a cup saucer. Toby follows Tim to the balcony with his baby in hand. All of them are bathed by the beautiful golden sunlight.
Good morning Ma’am. Here’s your tea.
Toby lightly kicks Tim, causing him to lose his balance.
Make some tea for me too anytime.
You jerk; someday I am going to kill you.
Tim! Behave yourself. Glared Eileen.
Ma’am! He keeps troubling me all the Time.
Why Toby? Why do you trouble him?
It’s just a junk of metal. I can’t think of troubling you. Now if I can’t even tease him a bit who else should I tease?
It is such a beautiful morning and you people are bent on spoiling it.
Yes the morning is pretty, but it dawns every day.
Eileen turns around.
No, today is special. Today my family is complete.
I think why we don’t throw a party to celebrate it? That way everyone can meet you.
It’s up to you. Whatever you decide.
What do you think Tim?
Sure Ma’am. I am always with your decision.


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