Fiction novel Animal Revolution (paper back)


Fiction novel Animal revolution, the war begins is one of the best selling English fiction novel on , which is one the must read book for Animal lovers,

In his fiction novel, Writer tried to rouse sympathy towards animals in human hearts. Though the story is written on imaginary lines and it is a work of fiction, We hope this imaginary mirror shows humans, see their despicable reality and forces them to revalue their own behavior…..(read more…)

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Animal Revolution EbookAnimal-revolution-new

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Pashu Kranti

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Women’s Era

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Making of God

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Love sex do and die steps

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Great book

Loved it! can’t wait to read more from this author. This is a must read for Animals Lovers.

Norma Slattery


Amazing Book forever…..

Loko Krishna Jha

A new concept

Nice book, Good thought. It’s not only a good story but an ideology too.


Really a very good book

I bought this book from the stores. I found it an amazing book. I was fed up with usual love stories and this proved a good choice. The story travels in entirely new concept.Hard medicines are also hidden in between the story. This book is a perfect example why a book should be written.


Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality book, love it!

Kennedy Dockery

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